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some feedback from our users and Clients:

Key Highlights

Provide a solution that is cost effective, is easy to use and can deliver content effectively.


When the COVID-19 Lockdown started, most schools scrambled to get something in place to deliver lesson content to their learners.

After helping this client research the existing products that would suit their specific requirements, we found that part of the problem was that in many cases the existing solutions were either too complicated, too expensive or they did not have enough control over the material that was sent out to the learners.

Another requirement that could not be met by the existing platforms that were evaluated, was to have a printable document section with specific scheduling requirements where documentation could be printed for people without internet access.

Once we agreed that the existing solutions did not provide what was needed for this project within the time and cost constraints, we had a conversation with the stakeholders determining what would be the quick wins as well as what would be the long term goals for this project.

It quickly became evident that this project could not only solve their immediate need but can also provide a platform for the future well beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

This is where our development team stepped in and provided a brilliant solution.

Action Taken

Bringing in a very knowledgeable teacher to provide some context in discussions, the development team quickly created a framework of what would be a good solution.

Our development team has great expertise in working alongside our clients and mentally placing them inside the client’s environments to better understand all the factors that can play a significant role in the outcomes.

Realizing the time constraints and the urgency of the project, we immediately started the development process.

Solving our client’s problems and challenges are of such high importance to us that many midnight hours were spent preparing the solution with great enthusiasm.

Our team created quick tutorial videos to answer any questions the teachers might have on creating a new lesson.

During the entire process, we were in continual conversation with the client ensuring we remain agile in our development and making sure we hit the bullseye of the project.

We are pleased to say, we did just that!

We hit a center bullseye!


Teacher’s Perspective:
The creation process of a lesson is quick and easy and can include videos and other graphically engaging elements to help make the lessons interesting for their learners.

Learner or Parent’s Perspective:
The material is engaging and easy to get to.

Final Word:
At the end of the first phase of the project, our client was able to provide their learners with exceptional quality material, personalized to each environment in a graphical engaging way.

Our team managed to create a unique platform that our client loves and uses daily.

Another proof of success was when they scheduled a special session, just to express their thanks and appreciation.

We are so grateful to have clients like these!